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Our Quick and Simple LTD Company Registration Service

Register a New Ltd Company for £50

Add additional services as needed during the process.

Our Quick and Simple LTD Company Registration is exceptionally good value. We are confident that no other provider offers the same level of support and efficiency for this service.

Our small fee covers the Companies House charge for incorporation, and your new company will typically be formed in 1 working day (depending on the Companies House internal systems).

Company Registration Direct Banner

Included Items:

  • Limited Company Formation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PDF set of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Company Register
  • Company Minutes
  • Share Certificate
Add Services As-Needed Quickly and Simply

Users, Requirements and Suitability:

Our Quick and Simple LTD Company Registration Package is suitable for a wide variety of people, for example: contractors, single shareholders, directors, companies, anyone who wishes to establish a dormant company and individuals who wish to register and secure a company name.
Your company should be incorporated and able to trade within 1 working day. As soon as Companies House has approved the application, we will email you a copy of the official certificate of incorporation, share certificates and memorandum along with articles of association (the constitution of the company).
Contractors should note that an emailed certificate of incorporation normally meets the requirements of an employment agency dealing with the PAYE issue.
Business Bank Account: You can also take advantage of our free bank referral. This is the first stage of an application to one of our bank affiliates. 
Registered Office Service: It is important to note that every company needs an official address. You can use your home address for this purpose, but if you are renting your office, you may need to check with your landlord. By registering your home address as your office, you will be publicly listing it as your company’s address via the Companies House website. The security risks are obvious and many of our clients wish to safeguard their privacy. So we offer a Registered Office Service to help ensure confidentiality and discretion as an optional add-on service.